mercredi 16 mai 2012

Gory Day... Flesh for the Beast and Hobo with a Shotgun

Hey There!

Long time no see... Well, I've a few goods reasons like I do one of my last exam this week in (Make Up exam) and I succed like always...

Now, I'm back to talk about two gory flicks that I've in my movie stash... Flesh for the beast and Hobo with a shotgun...


Ok this one, I bought it in 2004 or 2005...
At this time I want something gore I guess and I bought the collector's premieux pack with the DVD, T-Shirt and the comic book. The movie actually win in 2003 a price for Make Up FX and Best Movie at the New York Horror Festival.

What's the story about? Well it's a pretty good story, it made me remember The House on the Haunted Hills... John Stocker is a kind of rich loner whom invited 5 side-kick (medium)  6 parapsychic in is house for investigate on recent events. Then we discovered that succubis are the ones who commit murder and have lots taste for guts and flesh...

Watch the trailer if you dare...

Who's in that damn story?

Jane Scarlett : Erin Cooper
Sergio Jones : John Stoker
Clark Beasley Jr. : Ted Sturgeon
Jim Coope : Jack Ketchum
David Runco : Joseph Monks
Aaron Clayton : Douglas Clegg
Michael Sinterniklaas : Martin Shelly
Caroline Hoermann : Pauline
Ruby Larocca : Cassandra
Barbara Joyce : Irene
Kevin G. Shinnick : Jimmy /  zombie
Caroline Munro : Carla the gitan
Aldo Sambrell : Alfred Fischer

Yes you've to see it if you don't see it already. I enjoyed that movie, but not that much. It's not my fave gory flicks, but according to The Top 100 goriest movie ever made frome IMDB they are ranking the movie on the 76th place. Oh and the music... OLD BUCKETHEAD!


Based on the fake trailer of grindhouse, like Machete with Dany Trejo, Hobo With A Shotgun, it's maybe my new fave gory movie. The story is about a Hobo who move in a town with so much crime... Someday he had enough of all those shit and bought a shotgun... I won't tell all the story be cause you need to see it. A lot of flesh, guts and blood. A tint of Rodriguez and Tarantino movie. The spirit is really like the Grindhouse thing. Watch the trailer...

Oh and the Funny part... you maybe know I'm French Canadian, the movie in french looks like Slapshot in french.

What Drink in a gory day...
Black Blood is a cocktail with Jagermeister! I know I love a little too much booze... And my fave one is Jagermeister... So for create the perfect cocktail it's take always Jagermeister... So here the recipe.

2 oz. Blue Curacao
2 oz. Jagermeister
1 oz. Ruby Red Squirt

Drink with moderation, see gory flick and stay metal!

See you in hell


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