samedi 28 avril 2012

What about Grimm, Lordi and Nightwish... (oh and other shit)

Hey There!

I said I'll post an article by week. Finally I enjoye the people's positive response about this blog. Well Metal, Gore and Booze is a pretty well mixt even if my mother langage isn't english. Even if I'm a beauty blogger and a make up artist, this blog is the kind of "I can hangover my job" and talk about my other passion movie and music. It's my forth article, but I saw that people are really receptive to this blog, and I want to thanks you for that.

Last night I was working on the marketing of another web project that I've with some friend and we finally forgot about Friday's night Grimm at NBC. Friday's night is a ritual for us since last september. At 9pm we turn on the TV, take a break, coffee or booze and watch our new favorite tvshow... Grimm.

The storylines are pretty cool, but what impressionned us the most is the special effect on that show. And of course our favorite character is the BlutBad, Monroe.

I'll put some image of what looks like NBC Grimm.

I'll buy the first season for sure. 


Those days I've a song in my head from Lordi... WOULD YOU LOVE A MONSTERMAN! Ok... Cheezy all the way! But what's marks me the most is the video... Watch it if you haven't see it yet.

Do you know what I'm thinking of when I see that? And old troll movie of the 80's...
Watch Trolls and you'll understand what I said about that...

And of course the classical OH MY GOD SCENE (in Troll 2)!

Nightwish into a movie!

Yes that right! But Nightwish lost me as a fan in 2007-2008 when Tarja was fired and the remplacement signer Annette Lozon lets me on a bad taste. I don't like her voice... (My personnal taste and opinion, so if you like it, I'm cool with that, I'm just self expressing that I prefer the period with Tarja as a signer)

The movie, perhaps, seem pretty cool!  See the Trailer!

Are you ready for Imaginaerum by Nightwish?

I've been influenced by a drummer!

The last time I went to the theater before that movie was like a year ago. I'm more the kind of buying it preview or on But this time... I went see Cabin in the wood on the influence of Kriz DK (Deadstar Assembly and Genitorturers drummer). It was on Twitter he said that the coolest movie ever, Fangoria said the same, but I was sceptical about that. So here's a copyscreen of our chat on Twitter!

Yes! And I wasn't disapointed to see that movie! It's a pretty good one! Maybe not the coolest ever, but I enjoyed it! The storyline is incredible and you've to see it to know the punch (no I'm not telling it)...

The story is about: Five friends go in a Cabin in the woods for break. Strange events is started and they will discovered the truth behind this strange cabin.

Ok... the movie looks like a little bit as the movie Fog in a certain way. I'm telling a little bit too much of the story.......................................

Seriously I want to thanks Kriz DK for encouraging me to see that movie! 

So here's the trailer!

Do you know by the way, Deadstar Assembly is launching a new album in 2012... The due date isn't fixed yet, but the title is Adorned in Thorns and an teaser is on YouTube.

You Must Listen too it...

And what about booze!
Just go a straight shot of Jagermeister! No drinks for today... haha!

And... See you in hell!


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