dimanche 22 avril 2012

Javameister, Intruders and Dick Dynamite

Hey There!

My name is Josy! Actually I'm a beauty junkie blogger for my own personnal blog etreradieuse.com . I drive it for the last 2 years. For those one who doesn't like beauty but follow me on facebook for my dynamic personnality and my rebelious attitude, yes you, you should like what will happens on this one. Actually the idea came from a night where I drank Jagermeister, listen to metal and watch a old fashion gore movie like I love.

Even if I'm beauty junkie, my first dreamed job when I was child... Scream Queen , also known as horror movie actress. Well now, my dreamed job is not play in the movie but, it's in the same vein... I wanna be a make up artist and I wanna make principally FX... I've done some! Wanna see? Of course you wanna see... No choice, you're here to read me and watch me... so lemme introduces you to my creativity...

By the way, I'm french canadian, so I'M SO SORRY FOR ALL MY F$*&ING MISTAKES!

But I also do beauty make up that is the big why for etreradieuse.com and my amazing portfolio at http://makeupliljosy.blogspot.ca/ not done yet... My friend does the HTML and programming shit for me when he have time to do it.

What I really look like?

Well, hot blonde bomb shell with heavy metal band's t-shirt on it, and I'm rebel.

And I go working with my metal looks!

Actually this blog will share you one article each week, because I'm too much busy to do more. Each week, I will introduce you a receipe drink with Jagermeister (Because I love Jagermeister), a gore movie and a metal song (sometime rockabilly or punk or industrial...). And sometime... Reading... like this weeks... or gore make up that I like... I tought is a good idea for my insanity to talk about other thing than make up and beauty product and in english... So it's a big goal and a big challenge for me. 

So lets start it now!

Jager of the week!

My Jagermeister receipe this week is the JAVAMEISTER!

I'm a coffee addictive, love the taste and the energic feeling that damn drink gave us. But what can we do to spiced up sometime our traditionnal latte or black coffee (I like my coffee black just like my metal (hell yeah! Mindless Self Indulgence)).

So we do a cup of black coffee and add it a 2 oz of Jagermeister in it. Than put a little bit of whip cream on it, and VOILA the perfect drink. Jagermeister + Coffee! It like a 2 for 1 at Sephora. (if you don't know what's the feeling to have a 2 for 1 at Sephora, well it's the same in HMV or other cool store you visited).

Flicks of the week:

This week I want share you something bad! Really bad... Like it's suck, but we love to watch it! Intruders (1989). In 1989, I was 3 years old. To bad for me, but I was too young for remember this movie. But I love so much Fangoria Mag (Yep a big fan), that a FU*&$NG advertising made me bought it... You know what? Because Bruce Campbell was supposed to be in this movie! And dear Bruce Campbell, I'm the woman of your life but you don't know it... I know someday we will get marry... (I'm joking but I love really much this actor) Actually he's in the movie... like 1 Fu(*@g minute at the end as a police officer! WHAT? Yeah! Well that's the cheap part of life... not enough movie with Bruce Campbell! And I got the DVD + Blu Ray combo pack with some director cut and other cool shit you can see on it. Well what's about the movie? Ok the story line is not too bad. Jenifer works as a cashier in a grocery store and her evil ex-boyfriend is back in town. They fight and the ex-boyfriend is kicking out of the grocery store by the two bosses. Later that night, murder are commits and people thinks is the ex... Well good movie if you like gore, old fashion fx and also laugh at Sam Raimi. 

I enjoyed the movie! did I mentionned that the killer's taking body part of the victim and disperse it in the store? Well that's what happen! It's truly the 80's gore essence in this movie, and I like it!

See the trailer!

Music of the week

This week, I'll introduce you a recent discorvering for myself too... Dick Dynamite and The Doppelangers. Nice discovering like yesterday. Why? Actually I love rockabilly like Horrorpops, Creepshow and some other who are in my play list. Dick Dynamite and The Doppelangers is a nice discovering by error. Actually I heard of them by YouTube (THANKS YouTube). The song is Deviant... and the video is gore... Listen to it! For me this song is awesome and I want to dance each time I listen to it... Actually I listen to it one million time since yesterday. 

That is my first article! See you next week! Hope you'll love that blog! And I'm so sorry kids to put this blog 18 years old! Now go crying to your mommy! Alcool must be for 18 years old people and be drink with moderation. Some image can shock you too! 

See you in hell!


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